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Name:Pre-GW Fan Works
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:GW Fan Works that take place before the series

This community is dedicated to the time before Gundam Wing. The series came from somewhere. This is your chance to explain how characters are they way they are and why the series went the way it did.

All fan works are accepted here: graphics, fics, art, poems, etc. This is Gundam Wing, so yaoi is accepted, but yuri, gen, and het are also accepted!

1. Nice - Be nice to members and to characters.
2. Period - The main focus must be before the series. It can leak little into the beginning of the series or flash forward after it, but the bulk of the work must takes place before the series.
3. Characters - Original characters are welcomed as well. Obviously many characters are only shown in the background and are never given a name (poor them).

When submitting a work, it would help to give following information:
» Title:
» Author/Arist:
» Characters/Pairing:
» Rating:
» Warnings:

Please put your fics, larger artwork, and more than three graphics behind a cut.

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